maker space in action

Come and see our library’s new Makerspace, The Forge! Using grant funding provided by the Generator Z team, in partnership with the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation, we’ve created a Teen targeted space for extracurricular creativity. All ages are welcome to attend!

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Come here to learn, tinker, and explore along with the help of our librarian staff! We have 3D Printers, 3D Pens, a 3D Scanner, Sewing Machines, Looms, Synthesizer boards, and more! Check out our awesome space and free services. 

The Forge is regularly open Wednesdays from 2-4:30 p.m.

3D Pen

3D Scanning

Audio Converting

 Lulzbot Taz Pro 3D Printer


Prusa Mini 3D Printer

Sewing Machine

Small Loom


1. 3D Pens- Come draw using our 3D pens. Easy to use, but hard to master, these pens are like self directed 3D printers, allowing the user to write/draw shapes into 3D structures.

2. 3D Scanner- This Einscan H 3D scanner allows users to scan objects and people and render 3D models. These models can be turned into digital assets for things like animation and gaming, as well as being output as printable files with our 3D printers.

3. Audio Converter- This station allows for the digitization of music. Take your old records, cassettes, or CD’s and turn them into MP3’s using this all in one conversion station.

4. Lulzbot Taz Pro- Our Lulzbot 3D printer comes equipped with a dual extruder, allowing it to print using multiple colors of filament on the same job. This large printer can print in a 11x11x11 space, giving it a substantial boost in printing capacity over our smaller Prusa printers.

5. Protocylcer+ – This machine allows us to recycle used filament from our 3D printers and turn it into usable plastic. It contains a grinder, that allows us to take the old plastic and turn it into small pellets, as well as an extruder, that allows us to melt down the old pellets and turn them back into a fresh batch of filament.

6. Prusa Mini- Our 2 Prusa Mini 3D Printers are here for all our printing needs. With a 7x7x7 inch build volume, these printers are handy for all of our small to midsize printing needs.

7. Sewing Machine- We have 4 of these sewing machines available, giving you a solution to all your sewing needs. We provide basic thread, as well as some scrap materials to practice/experiment with, users must supply any additional materials.

8. Small Loom- We have 2 small looms for all of your weaving needs. Warp thread and additional materials are provided. 

9. Synthesizer- Come use our Arturia Microfreak synthesizer. With hundreds of premade sounds and a range of customization, the ability to experiment with this synthesizer leaves open a range of possibilities.