Borrowing Policies / Overdue Fines


Item Type Loan Period Fines Per Day Maximum Fine Maximum Renewals
Books 21 Days 10¢ $4 2
Books on CD 21 Days 10¢ $10 2
Music CDs 21 Days 10¢ $4 2
DVDs 7 Days $1 $15 2
Magazines 21 Days 10¢ $4 2
Media Kits 21 Days 10¢ $4 2
New Books 21 Days 10¢ $4 2
Reference Books 0 Days n/a n/a n/a

PLEASE NOTE: These are the fines and limits for items owned by the Commerce Township Community Library. Items obtained from another library may have different loan, fine, and renewal policies.

There is a $15 maximum fine per library card. Once this limit is reached you will be unable to check out items until the fines are paid down.

In most cases, overdue items CAN BE renewed over the phone or by the Internet. Doing so will stop fines from accruing.

Lost or Damaged Materials
Patrons will be billed for the replacement cost of lost or damaged materials plus a $2.00 processing fee for each item.  Refunds are available for items returned to the library within 30 days of payment. The library does not accept replacement copies of lost materials in place of monetary payments.