Book Review – All Boys Aren’t Blue

All Boys Aren’t Blue: A Memoir Manifesto

Author: George M. Johnson

In his memoir manifesto, All Boys Aren’t Blue, George M. Johnson discusses some of his formative experiences growing up as a gay black man. He writes about everything from his close relationship with his grandmother to getting his front teeth kicked in by neighborhood bullies. Through it all, Johnson speaks frankly and thoughtfully about how these experiences were shaped by the world around him and how they, in turn, shaped who he has grown up to be. For a memoir written by someone so young, this book manages to come across as both a thoughtful reflection on (the start of) a life, and a resource for young adults looking to explore topics like gender, race, identity, and sexuality . The audiobook, read by Johnson, adds another intimate touch to this already extremely personal title which, as Johnson predicts early on, has the range to make the reader or listener laugh and cry.

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